How do i change the color of an object(not talking about texture or material)

I want to change a single object to a specific generic color but i don’t see the color swatch in material properties on latest build, so did they change something again on this?

Using the shading menu doesn’t give me the option since clicking on object do nothing and the only thing working is random colors but i want to chose my own color for various object.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

I can still change it in the material tab under viewport display - that’s probably not what you’re asking though, but that’s how I always done it.

Problem is i don’t have that viewport display in my material property panel!

Also i am in the solid viewport display mode.

I am with latest build.

Release candidate equivalent build, default scene, click Materials tab in Properties, scroll down and expand Viewport Display and I get:


Changing the color changes the cube in the default solid display mode.

Could you have dragged the Viewport Display sub panel up or down to another location in the Materials tab?

Did a few more test and i don’t know if it’s a bug or a setting i don’t understand but it prove at least that this part of the UI is not intuitive.

Selecting single change every object color in viewport but selecting object do nothing and no color swatch appear upon selection.

Hi Zoot,

This is the only thing i have in material property

Found it thank to the great job the devs did with the 2.8 manual, here how for other who want to know how;

This should be more quickly accessible in my opinion.

Why am I not getting this?

Well my solution was incomplete and now i know what the object mode in shading menu was for.

I have updated the solution post.

This is way too much menu click for such a simple thing and i hope they will make somethiing similar to 3ds max where you have the name of the object + a small square color swatch beside it that you can click to change object color.

Cool, thanks!

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