How do i change the colour of a an mesh without changing the rest?

I am new to blender, so i might not explain this well.

I have duplicated a mesh/object whatever, but i want them to be different colours. How do make on a different colour without effecting the rest?

When you duplicate an object, the material is duplicated as well. To change that, delete the material from one object and create a new one. I hope this is what your looking for.

clcik on the F beside the name of the material and also for the textures
and make them unique user


No, this is incorrect. F is to make a “Fake User” in order to save a unused material in a .blend. What you want to do is press the number next to this button, to Make Single User.

correct egan

i 'm so used to do it that i don’t even look at it anymore
it’s the little X beside the F
this willl unlink the datablock
i wanted to add a pic but i forgot about it

but don’t forget to do it for all the textures in F6 for the textures
or you’ll end up with surprise afterward