How do I change the interface window of place?

Hello, I would like to know how to change a place window, because I know that blender has an interface that can be modeled as I want, I also know that I can do several subdivisions and I have already done some in specific cases, but I can not find anything Out there show me how to swap a window. In the image I show what I would like to do and I need help

(I’m sorry if you already have a topic with this, I really didn’t find it)

@Andrey_Santana Just like splitting the windows in the viewport, just select Dope sheet in the new window as the new window view. The windows can only be collapsed with equal windows. But the dope sheet will be kind of hard to read when it is vertical.

Here is a quick vid I did (no sound) to show the steps required to collapse the lower window to create an equal size window to then make a new window for the dope sheet.

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I understood, I thought it was only the divisions that work like this, is that my idea was to leave all the active controllers in the time line so I can see which ones are so animat, and on the side I can see all

Another tip is if you hover your mouse pointer over any of the windows and use Ctrl+Spacebar it will take that window your mouse pointer was over and make it full screen. Just use Ctrl+Spacebar again to bring it back to the original size. Makes it a little easier working on a large window without having to drag windows and split windows.

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