How do I "cheat" in animations?

There has been some discussion that people should “cheat” in there animations in order to reduce rendering time. I’ve got a situation that definately could use some cheating…

I would like to illumiate the bottoms of the canyon walls slightly as it would be illuminated by the lava.

One way to do this would be radiosity but that takes up a lot of rendering time due to all of the faces. What would be a better method?

in the shaders menu you can turn the Emit option to a higher level

As I understand it the emit value only makes a material lighter unless you render with the radiosity option turned on. I don’t want to make the surface areas lighter just the bottoms of the canyons.

I suppose I could UV map some kind of dif or Spec shader but that would be badly effected by the amount of light recieved by the sun.

You could attempt to duplivert lamps of the color of your lava to the bottom of your canyons. Make sure the lamps are set as ‘Sphere’ in the lamp options.

It may not be quite as accurate as radiosity, but chances are it will be faster.