How do I clear the mantaflow replay cache?

My question is just what the title says. I think I understand the difference between “replay” and “modular” cache types when using a mantaflow fluid/smoke simulation. But I can’t get the replay cache to clear reliably, and can’t find an option for it.

My google-fu may be weak, but I wasn’t able to find a solution to this.

To be more specific, if I make changes to a simulation and then play it again in “replay” mode, any part I already played stays as it was before and ignores all of the changes I make. When it hits new fames it didn’t calculate before, then the new changes are suddenly in effect.

So how do I reset it, and get it to calculate the simulation from scratch in replay mode?

The only fix I’ve found is to change the cache type to “modular”, then back to “replay”, but this is really cumbersome to do every time I make any change to the sim.

I must be missing something. Can anyone help?

You should be able to delete the cache from the cache settings in the domain physics panel. Make sure to go to frame 0 and delete all bakes.

That used to be how I did it, but that option is no longer present in 2.92

Sorry if its late but try to change to modualr or final and then clear and then back to replay

That works. Thanks! Seems like an odd way to have to do things, though.