How do I combine meshes?

I’ll be frank, I am new to blender and while I have looked up my issue I have found some “solutions” but none solved it.

Also I did not watch blender tutorials or read any as I prefer to learn as I go and look up my problems.

Currently my problem is that I’m trying to make a snowman, rather than sculpt him I want to make his head and torso out of 2 different UV sphere meshes, but I’d like to be able to keep them together whenever I move the model around however I can’t figure out how to do so

So basically, I have 2 balls and want them to move together whenever I move one or the other. How do I do that?

Thanks for the help

In Object Mode you can select both sphere objects and press CTRL+J to join them into a single object.
In Edit Mode you can separate the spheres again by selecting all and press P -> “By Loose Part”

Another way is to parent the object.
In Object Mode select a sphere, hold SHIFT then select the other one (that other one will be the parent).
Press CTRL+P -> Object
The 1st sphere will be parented to the 2nd one.
You can still move the 1st sphere independantly, but when you’ll move the 2nd sphere (the parent) , the 1st one will follow it.

How is watching a tutorial different than looking up the answer with this post here or with a google search? When I watch a tutorial I watch it for new skills, not to make the model they do in the tutorial. That is no different than if I asked a question and someone answered it.

As for your solution, there are several, joining the meshes is good unless you want to separate them in an animation, in which case I would choose parenting them.

It’s different because I get my answer straight up in raw information rather than have to watch the video and listen to the person talk and talk about things I couldn’t care less. Getting the information here does mean it takes longer most often than watching tutorials however it does mean I don’t get frustrated and will continue learning.

Also I do google search, however the only answer I found didn’t work

I’m also new to Blender and have wondered about how to combine meshes BEYOND parenting and joining.

We can create multiple objects that intersect in 3D space. We can JOIN them so they’ll be a single object, but the geometry of the original objects remain largely intact including and in particular those portions which occupy the same 3D space. I keep gravitating to try and use the added Modifier, Boolean, but Blender kindly informs me that I cannot do this operation in Edit Mode, and in applying this operation in Object Mode, it seems that the meshes must not be joined in order to apply the Modifier. Once the modifier has been applied to the separated object, the geometry remains unchanged.

In the example above I tried modeling a cast fitting by intersecting (6) volumes (individual objects) but am stuck on how to neatly remove all of the unwanted internal vertices, edges and faces in one operation. Any pointers will be much appreciated.