How do I connect cross section edges and in a ship's hull? Need advice

I have created the bread-loaf cross section splines…or edges for a whale. I know how to join the elements into a single mesh…but is there a way to attach the longitudinal or length lines to these cross sections without having to manually select each vertex and then “fill” to add the connecting line?

Thanks for any pointers…

If I understand you correctly, W / Bridge Edge Loops or the Loft option in the Loop Tools addon (enable it in user preferences / addons)

That sounds close…I will check that addon. Thanks Richard

Edited: That worked great…just what I wanted. But it wasn’t an addon…it is in the mesh menu under vertices. But thanks again Richard…sure appreciate your help.

To clarify, Richard was listing two different things. Bridge edge loops is a standard tool in the mesh menu, true. The loft tool on the other hand is part of the Loop Tools addon.

K…thanks K Horseman.