How do I connect to bezier curves to create one face?

I created two bezier curves, one a duplicate of another and now facing one another, in the attempt to make a single lotus flower petal. I’m now trying to connect the curves to create a single object, a solid petal without spaces.

I’m following this tutorial:

But try as I might I can’t do what he does at about 1 minute into the video to connect the vertices. I have Blender 2.68.

How do I do what he says to do?

you have to join the 2 curves
you can connect 2 points with F key

for the last 2 points to close the curve you need to alt-C key

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He did convert Curve to mesh BEFORE it was duplicated and mirrored (Alt-c). So he had to connect one mesh two parts vertices instead of curve points.
For the filling with quad mesh now there is Grid Fill command available - search using Spacebar for that.
After you make one ring of petals, you could make another using different deforming curve and get more natural layers of petals.

sorry did not look at video
better show some pics here!

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Yes, RickyBlender, that would help a lot.