How do I connect two objects?

I want to make the object become a single mesh without any overlapping. How do I go about connecting the handle to the cup? Bridging would warp the two connectors thing so I don’t really know how to go about doing this. It’s a problem I encounter many time when modelling mechanical objects so hopefully someone can give me advice on how to resolve this problem once and for all.

What do you mean by ‘warp’?
There is some transition between bridged parts (guess it’s just like things are made?), you can make it sharper by adding some loops or using Edge Split with marked sharp eges. Also edge creasing could be used, N-panel, top.
Delete faces, select edge rings and w - bridge. If you want to keep that beveled part on connectors, you’re better off doing bevel after you have bridged parts. Or make sure both loops have equal amount of vertices by adding some geometry on the handle part.

What Eppo forgot to mention is that there is too much geometry on the handle. I don’t think you’re modeling a game asset so work with the Subsurf modifier like he does and redo your handle with less geometry. Just keep in mind the final goal: You must have edge loops on the handle to match the ones on the cup where the 2 bars extend.

That’s the “trick”: You don’t slam geometry on the screen and then ransack the forums to find the right size of duct tape to hold it together. :wink: You must plan ahead.

If you don’t want to redo anything, the other solution is to use the Boolean modifier… and to suffer hours to fix the awful geometry and the shading problems. :wink: