How do I continue a fluid bake in 2.5?

suppose I bake frames 1-100 and want to continue on from there, or suppose something happens and it crashes after frame 37 in the bake, how Do I go on from there without having to rebake the whole thing? (these bakes are taking quite a while with the resolution only at 100!)

P.S. - I still think we need a physics/ sim section in support

Never heard of this possibility, Fluid bakes can’t be restarted AFAIK.

That’s correct, you cannot stop/restart fluid sims.

I was hoping the answers would be different. Especially given that we can cache as we go. It would be kick-a** to be able to place the timeline at frame 36 and say “continue cache bake from there”.

Well, I’ve been fortunate, and careful I guess, in that pretty much everything I’ve pointed out and asked for in the bug tracker has been or is being addressed over the years. 3 cheers for the devs, I try hard to be careful and only suggest what I think are important issues.

So this is something I think is important, looks like Lancer agrees, anyone else?

It may be extremely complicated to impliment or may not; its wayyy past my level of understanding.