How do I control an object's color like I control a text's color?

I’ve got a title scene with some text objects and some normal objects with only materials assigned to them (No textures). I’d like to make all of the objects fade together. Controlling the text objects is easy, just use text.color = [r,g,b,a], but the other objects have got me stuck… Any thoughts?

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would object.color = [r,g,b,a] work?
These only work in Multitexture mode if I recall right.

object.color = [r,g,b,a] does work in multitexture for the color, but not for the alpha it seems. Regardless, I need to do it in glsl mode. The best tut I could find wasone of Prof. Monster’s guides on Fading, but that method seems to require the objects have a texture and it uses an animation to drive the fading… this is a little hard to sync with the fading of the text…

If I can’t figure this out, I’ll just have to render each of my titles out as an image and use Monster’s method, I was sure there was a way to do this though…

In GLSL I have myself used a .png alpha image (ramp, pixel, etc.). Which you can animate, but it’s takes a bit efford (Python).
Or you can make texture animated in image editor -> Game Properties -> Animated

I remember - when using alpha or add modes you need a texture. I do not know why. A 1x1 pixel texture would do the trick :wink:

My bad. I thought for sure he was trolling. The easiest way to get a texture to work with game mode is to set it up as you would normally and then bake it to a UV map. Doesn’t matter how its mapped either. Smart UV unwrap will work nicely.