How do I convert a linked collection into local editable objects?


I need to edit this object in the context of the full scene in order to make everything line up.

Right click > ID Data > Make Local - does nothing does nothing to the top level “ground”. On the 2nd level “ground” it makes the chain link icon disappear but nothing else happens. No objects within that collection become visible.

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bump? bumpitty bump bump?

I tried to help by recreating the problem, but I can’t make a linked collection local either, trying everything I can think of.

I found a post on stackxchange for 2.79 that involved a great many steps deep in the bowels of the outliner. Something along the lines of those steps eventually got the ground mesh local and I could edit it. I think it’s just easier to append the desired object and then copy/paste the linked version’s loc/rot/scale onto it and then delete the link.