How do I convert a UV unwarped layout to a mesh?

There’s no slideknit alternative for blender,
I decided to erm… attend to that,
First addon I started working on,

Still in the flowchartin’ stage,

but I got stuck on the first part,


All slideknit actually does is export a UV layout to a mesh then create a shapekey of it before and after the mesh got deformed

I’m stuck at the… converting this into a real mesh

I got all the other pieces of the flowchart working right( using the mesh deform mod to mimic max’s skin wrap, using shapekeys to mimic morphing,etc)

If you can find some button amidst all the other buttons in blender that seem to solve a problem instantly,
It would be really helpful if you told me what it was,
thanks in advance

There is no magic button for this, but it probably would be possible via the python scripting! highly recommend looking into the bmesh python api.

Ah ok,

thought as much

Stuff like this shouldn’t be too hard to code.

Save UV layout to a .svg then import the .svg