How do I convert Cycles hair into 3d mesh?

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As the title states, how do I convert cycles-engine’s hair particle system into a 3d mesh?
I just love Cycles render engine for the materials and everything it has about it, including the actual 3d hair with possibilites to change root/tip size etc. I don’t happen to have Nvidia-gpu, so I cannot render much on it, so that’s why I use the Blender internal one. Either way, I’ve been searching the net for some kind of way of turning cycles-volumetric 3d hair into an actual mesh for use in internal render and game engine. Any tips / ideas are warmly welcome!
Thanks in advance! C:

Sorry, gonna bumb this. This is pretty asked question and after searching for answer for a few days I still cannot find an answer. If this one will, I hope it helps others as well.

You really can’t. The hair outputs a set of individual paths, not a mesh or a volume. You can hit the convert button on the hair/particle modifier to bake the hair to a set of edges, but I don’t know of a way to output a solid mesh based on that. It’s theoretically doable, but I don’t think Blender supports it (it’s vaguely like a particle mesher, which blender also lacks).

You might be able to model a separate hair mesh over the particles, then bake the hair result to it. No idea if that actually works well or not, just an idea I had.

Can you try to do that? I’m not that experienced… D:

Here is a possibility, step2 should say, in the modifeirs click ‘apply’ on the hair system. Then hides the scalp, then alt-c ‘curve from mesh’

Thanks. Tried this, hasn’t worked for me, the hair just disappears. Any other ideas?
Really appreciate your effort!

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Here’s a 90 second screencast:

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Thanks, it seems like everything works more or less like wanted. You’re amazing!
Have a fabulous day!

You could always try using the skin modifier. I think Photox’s method makes a bit more sence though.

Hair particles will disappear so you should make the particle as solid 3d