How do I copy an object from another scene?

I’m sorry if this has been asked already, but I want to know how to copy an object from another scene while in game. It doesn’t matter if I have to use python, but the Blender module and it’s sub-modules won’t work in an .exe version of the game, only GameLogic, Rasterizer, and GameKeys, so I do not know how to do it. I want to try to copy the player and other characters from a central scene rather then having several copies of the same model in my game. I tried the overlay/underlay scene logic brick, but it didn’t work. A blend file wold be good also.

Ctrl+L… make link to scene
then make the object single user pressing “u”

Thank you. I’ll try that. You’ve saved me a lot of trouble.

While In-Game, while the game is playing, it would be easiest just to pre-copy it to a hidden layer. Then, in the GE when the even occurs to make that object visible, trigger an IPO Action to make that Layer visible.

What I am trying to do is keep the file size down. Mico27’s fix is pretty good, but If there are other ways to do the same thing, they may be more helpful. The game engine has too few layers for me to use PapaSmurf’s idea, plus I will be making use of the copy object actuator. I was thinking of making a game like pokemon (but with an actual storyline ). That’s 100+ characters with the animals alone. I was going to copy the animals over for the battle scenes. I’ll continue to use Mico27’s idea because it works well, and thanks for the ideas.

Also I was going to copy in the player since there will be a ton of scene changes.