How do I copy this nice particle hair to another emitter and make it look the exact same

I have this blender file here

in it is a 3D character and I’ve already separated the mesh for the emitter from her head.

I found this nice particle hair online and the file was uploaded so the hair could still be edited in particle edit mode
I’m using it to make things easier so I have a hair template I could just grab ahold of whenever I wanna add hair to a character, so my goal is to be able to have a character like I do in this blender file…create an emitter from the top of her scalp like I have in this blender file…and then copy this particle hair which I’ve already appended to the above blender file…into the Michelle Hair collection… to the newly created emitter…
my question is how do I do that??..
I’ve already tried creating a new particle system on the emitter and selecting the appended hair particle system from the dropdown list but it doesn’t look the same… I’ve lined up the appended hair with the character scalp already… And I think this might be possible because the emitter on the appended her is right about the same size and shape as the newly created emitter …any help on this would be appreciated

Cut scalp from this model with particles and attach to your rig. Dirty but quick. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to make a product I could sell so I need it to look nice

These two statements aren’t compatible- you can’t resell someone else’s work without explicit permission

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