How Do I Copy UVMaps ?

So I have 2 meshes in the same object. The meshes have separate UV’maps and I want to copy UVMap.001 to UVMap so I can delete UVMap.001.

How do I do that ? The meshes have different amount of vertices (In the picture it’s just an example ). The UV Transfer is asking for the same amount of vertices .

In Maya It’s called Copy UV’s to UV Set and It’s taking the UV’s from one to the other .

Use the Magic UV addon, it has a very robust copy/paste UV option I find indespensable.

Meshes can’t have separate UV maps. Each map contains coordinates for everything. In this case each map has the UV coordinates for both cube meshes. They might have usable UV layout in separate maps.

Thx for the suggestion colkai, I thought about that addon, but I wanted to know if Blender has something like this default .

JA12 Try this :slight_smile:

Make an object put vertices and modify it a bit, make an UVMap for it, but with the name something like CustomUVMap_01, save it as OBJ.

Then New File and Make another object with an UVMap named UVMap :).

With this object in scene import as obj the first file you’ve made .

Then Combine the objects toghether ( CTRL+J) . Blender In My Case merge them into 1 object, in UVMap Window I now have 2 UVMaps, each for a mesh in my scene :).

Now What I wanted Is, I wanted to copy the contents from 1 UVMap to the other . So I can delete one, and have only one UVMap .

Definitely not.

Edit mode, select all, and the UV map contains the UV layout which the original mesh had, and other mesh coordinates are in the bottom left corner.

What I might try is an example .blend file that should be attached in every question involving one, but I would have already used it for a screenshot if it did.

Thx colkai, I’ll try the Magic UV addon .

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