How do I copy verts from one mesh to another?


Sorry, but first here’s a short bit of history.

It seems that there is a bug in blender where, if you have shape keys and if you also have subsurf turned on, and then if you delete or merge or add any vertices then sometimes (not all the time) some verts just get mangled in some of the shape keys. The workaround is to always have subsurf turned off whenever adding/removing verts. I’ll check out the bugtracker shortly.

Anyway, after several hours of work in getting the teeth of my model just right I noticed that the eyes were all mangled due to the bug above.

Not all’s lost though because I always have backups, but unfortunately the backup does not contain all my hard work that I did on fixing the teeth.

Using SHIFT-F1 I was able to import the teeth vertices as a new object into the backup file. But the problem is, I now need to join this mesh with the main mesh so that I can then replace the old teeth with the new.

The obvious answer is CTRL-J to join the meshes, but this don’t work when there are vertex keys involved.

So the question is: given the scenario described above how do I copy vertices from one object into another?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Eisfelder

i dont have any ideas sorry, up here is the same question i think.