How do I create a 'face' on an open end?


Newbie here. Just downloaded blender a few days ago and was going through a tutorial which describes how to create a pair of pills (can’t remember where I downloaded it from but its a pdf tutorial). The part I’m stuck on is creating a face on one end of the pill that is open and hollow as opposed to a completed and filled in end. Does that make sense? it says to click on ‘mesh’, go to ‘faces’, and choose ‘fill’, or shift+<f>. But when I do that nothing happens. I’m using blender version 2.49.

And if this has been answered before please point me in the right direction.


-Bill :smiley:

It’s difficult without seeing the zone.
As if the pill is like a cylinder, it should work without a problem :

Selecting all the vertices from the edge loop :

Then pressing SHIFT+F or Mesh->Faces->Fill should do the trick :

Can you make a screenshot of the zone that refuse to be filled by faces ?
It should certainly help someone to see what is going wrong.

Or select the edge loop on the end -> press e (extrude) -> press 0 (no movement) -> press s (scale) -> press 0 (all centered in one point)

Only thing you’ll have to do now is to remove doubles.

A faster way thatn the post above me if I may? alt+rmb to select loop, e to extrude, rmb to exit extrude mode, alt+m to merge.

Thanks for the help guys. I figured out what I was doing wrong. I zoomed into the open side and noticed it had a few extra edges. In other words, I didn’t make a clean cut. So I went back and redid everything, making sure there were no miscues, and tried to close the face and it worked! :spin: :smiley: