How do I create a glowing light bulb?

So I’m trying to create a lightbulb in Blender that emits light. I’ve sculpted the light itself (by extruding and subsurfing a cube), and used the tutorial in the Blender wiki to provide me with the various settings needed to create a glass effect, but I’ve stuck an area light inside the bulb itself and the light isn’t shining through.

Anyone got any thoughts about where I might be going wrong? I’m a bit of a Blender newbie (though I’ve had a little experience with Maya), so my apologies if it is something really obvious that I may be missing.

(and bear in mind that the interface in the tutorial above differs from mine - I might have a later version, perhaps? - so there might be something I have missed)

(Apologies about the uber-vague subject title. I’d started to type it but randomly decided to write the message instead. Then I forgot to finish off the title)

Be sure depth isn’t set to 0 if you’re using raytranparency and make sure alpha channel is slid down far.

If just using Ztransparency make sure that button is pressed in render area.

Try a Hemi lamp or spot instead of area lamp.

With a spot if you want to see a visable beam use halo button

Hope this helps


I am having a similar problem. :no:

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Hah, thanks for the tip :wink:

Thanks! I’ll check those settings when I next get the chance :slight_smile:

If you want something like this:
I can publish .blend file.