How do I create a hea....

How do I create a header using Blender 2.44 ?

I have 2.3 Guide somewhere I just gotta find it will that have something in it ?
Sorry but I haven’t messed with Blender for awhile working to darn much…

Click somewhere on a divider with your right mouse button and choose “Add Header” from the popup menu.

Make sure you’re in the same space as where you’d like to add the header to (before going to the divider).

oops I should have put this another way SORRY…
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I want to create the notes in the header(581X199) using blender and export it to Photoshop.

Model your notes, position your camera to the view you want with ctrl-alt-numberpad 0, then adjust your lighting and materials and render to the size you want. You might need to adjust the render settings to make use of the camera size, and decide f you want the background from Blender or from Photoshop - you can set upp to render to PNG and click rgba below, then set it to ‘key’ to get the transparency in the background.

mAn, I could kick myself in the A$$ for not continue with blender … I need too stop working so much :slight_smile: Would I do this just like the blender logo tutorial ? If it is could you point me to it please ?

I found this

I knew it was somewhere… this will work for 2.44 ?

Yes, all those steps still apply - using curves will allow you to trace out the object and then use ‘C’ to close the curve, and it will fill. You can then use the bevel settings in the curves panel to get a cutaway look. Also, by overlapping two curves, you will get the hole cut out - but they have to be joined in object mode with ctrl-j or the second has to be added while still in edit mode of the first.
I like to make stuff for use in photoshop all the time in Blender :slight_smile: Happy Blending!!