how do i create a metalic texture?

hi everyone
how do i create a metalic texture. what i’m trying to create isn’t excactly metalic. i’ve heard it been called multichromstic. here’s a link with something similar to what i want, just not on a dragon:). here

have you seen the extra link the person posted? HERE

It sort of outline what they did for the effect

yes but i didn’t realy know much about how those textures by themselves are made.

It is no texture and in the link those are no textures either, it’s more less a composite shader material.

so how are those made?

You’d want the specularity to be a decent amount, but not too high.
You also want the hardness to be somewhat hard, but not real hard.
You may want to turn on raytraced reflection, set the reflection value to a small amount and also set it to be blurry, but not too blurred.

The values listed should give you something between plastic and metal, but would be too shiny for plastic and too dull for shiny metal, but still have a somewhat metallic effect.

For the hromatic coloring effect, currently, BI doesn’t have true chromatic dispersion and would need to be fakes, for that the best way to do it is either ramp shading, a material node tree that uses vector nodes to alter color, or a colored texture set to use reflection coordinates.

For the sparkles though, you might need a procedural texture with a very low brightness and very high contrast to create a sparkle pattern, then perhaps setting to affect the emit value to increase their brightness, then make use of the glare node in the compositor to complete the effect.

This may seem complex, but this is a somewhat advanced material.

ok. i’ll give the material settings a go. thank you.