How do I create a silver reflection

The problem with using raymirror for reflections is that objects will take on to much of their environment’s colors. Is there anyway to use raymirror to produce a silvery or metallic reflection without making objects look like mirrors?

Now are we talking silver colored reflections or anisotropic effects. If you UV map the object you can get anisotropic specular shaders (an easier method will come in 2.43).

As Cyborg Dragon said, if you mean anisotropic reflections (see the images in the links to know how this looks) you currently need an uv-mapped object. There are also some test .blend-files provided here.


I was talking more about silver colored reflection than anisotropics. The latter might actually work. As far as the former, I probably just need the right background. I mainly was trying to figure this out for my current project, which you can see here:

By ‘silver colored reflection’ maybe you mean you want the material to reflect balck and white? there is a cmir and mir texture map output settings that control the materials mirroring…