How do I create a surface mesh with x,y,z co-ords


I’m a complete novice. It has taken 6 months to move from a lifetimes slavery to M$ on to the refreshing Ubuntu (I am loving it.)

I have all the latest Ubuntu 7.10 and have everything working great. I now need to think about using software in a serious mode and would like to generate a 3D model of a ground survey.

I have some 1,000 points as x,y,z co-ordinates, with a text description, in a csv text file.

I would like to import them into Blender and generate a mesh.

Question 1 Is it possible to generate a surface mesh in Blender by importing data from a csv file?

If it is, I then want to be able to define how the points join up, or to be more precise, I want to edit how some of the points join up if I think the representation is incorrect.

Question 2 Is it possible to edit the joining edges in a mesh from point to point?

Question 3 Is it possible to output the rendered mesh to SketchUp?



Check out these threads in the Python forum.

I found them by searching the Python forum for csv.

As for Q3, There is a script for importing from sketup (search the python forum), but I’m not sure about exporting.

Best of Luck!