How do I create a teapot handle?

I have taken a bezier curve and used ‘curve and surface’ to change the width. It all looks ok but I want to curve the ends into the side of the teapot but I am not sure how to do this?

I just have the end of the spline/bezier curve that I can move but how can I select edges or nodes to change the end shape?

I have managed to change it to a mesh:

space bar
convert object type (ALT C)

Now the problem is if I need to adjust the general curve of the handle later - is there anyway back to putting a spline through the middle of the handle to adjust the shape?

Where you want to make it?tell me its not big deal to make it.Adob photoshop is best for this.

I want to know how you can create a mesh for say a teapot spout and then readjust the overall curve of that spout later, if needed?

I’d create a cylinder and do a curve modifier on it. Then you can change both the shape (maybe try adding Lattice too) and the let it follow a curve.

Organic form like a teapot is generally built using Subsurf as it is know in Blender world. If you can build it right, that is keeping the original geometry simple, you can control its form by controlling few of its cage points.


Ahh, Thanks very much.

I know which way to go now.