How do I create a time gap in between two object animations?

Hello. I have an issue. For example, say I have a Cube and a Cyclinder in the scene. I want the Cube to move up, and after that only the Cylinder to appear (or become visible) in the scene. How do I do it? I know to animate by keyframing, but I’m having trouble in finding how to create a time gap between two objects.

Appear? Do a “jump”: cylinder ouside camera view; animate cube moving up; “very fast moving” (one frame) Cylinder into view… BAM (whenever you want)

@Okidoki Hello. Okay, then I’ll explain it like this. Say we have a Cube from the first frame, then I want a Cylinder to appear at the third frame, without any animation, just a still, sudden appearance, how do I do it?

I wasn’t in need to animate the visibility yet, because that i had the idea of “putting it out of sight”.