how do i create fire

hi everyone
how do i create a jet of fire. i want to make my dragon character breath a jet of fire. also, is the fire just a set of colours (like the usual red yellow orange and sometimes white) or can the colours be changed e.g. blue fire?

You could watch this tutorial

i cheaked it out. it helped heaps. but i can’t get any of the colition objects to work.

i cheaked it out. it helped heaps but i can’t get the collition objects to work.

I’ve created a lot of real explosions with real fire, worked with other 3D fire simulations, and finally found out a decent way to do it in blender (that really blows blenderguru out of the water). Making 3D fire has been one of my objectives for 6 years, and I’m going to release a tutorial this summer, but PM me or somethin’ if you’d like a prerelease of a slick fire setup blend file.