How do I create games in Blender

How do I create games in Blender

do tutorials.

Or get the blender gamekit.

yea, i second that.

what do you mean how, you just have to create them…

Yes, I definitely advise you to go and read some tutorials. It’s just not even feasible to tell you how in a post: there’s too much to say. It’s like asking us to post the full text of a book, and besides, there’s more than one way to go about it.

When you can come yp with a more specific question, feel free to ask again.

asking that is like asking how to stop the world from spinning.

but dont panic
try these great tutorials

There should be two wires running to you at your table from the back of the computer(if you’re not using a laptop). One of the wires is for your mouse and the other for your keyboard.
Use your mouse and keyboard to create games. Though there are hundreds of other ways to create games with blender this is the most simple way…

Well open an Xterm ( in windoze a DOS window) and type:

for a FPS : blender -quake
for RPS : blender -warcraft
for a MMORP: blender -anarchyonline
and so on
Easy hein!! :slight_smile: