How do i create Roughness, Normal and displacement maps from image

Hey im a complete noob to blender and 3D i was wondering say if i have this image or just the (COL) file of an image like the one below:

how does one make this a pbr by createing


Maps from this one image?

can it be done in blender? or ( photoshop) i know photoshop but prefer if there was a method to do it in blender itself.

Dont know if you can convert images in blender (im new to this also) but you can run an image through a colorramp then to a bump node then to normal connection and fudge it alittle with the colorramp.

Gimp has some plugins to do this (convert images), would assume Photoshop would also.

thaks man yes im confused too hopefully someone would give us noob’s an answer! XD and be our savior hahaha.

Try this tool - - it’s free and creates PBR maps from images :slight_smile: