How do I cut a lot of Holes in a Block?

So I wanna model a board with a lot of holes (24x128). What I tried was to create an Array-Object with a lot of Cylinders, so I could use the Boolean-Modifier to cut them out.

The problem is that Blender always crashes because there are just too many holes. I also tried cutting them out row by row but then the top-face of the Board looked weird. Is there a better way to do it?

This is how it looks like now:

You could try a different order.

Make one block with the boolean hole. Clean up the geometry and then do the array for the 24x28.


Oh damn, why haven’t i thought about that… Thank you!

Just remember to remove the faces around the side, otherwise you get odd results due to internal faces.
A way to avoid this would be, create a plane, subdivide once, select the middle point, ctrl+shift+B to bevel, roll out the segements you want, F to make it one face, then looptools circle to make it a circle, delete that face.
Add an array modifier, add a solidify (after the array), then add a bevel if you wish, that means to internal faces but the outside edge still has solidity.