How do I cut a mesh?

I have a meatball cube, I want to cut it in pieces, like a cake yet still have smooth edges on the inside area of the slices. Having the worst time figuring it out, totally 100% green and new to blender. I’m using the latest version (2.5) Any ideas?

What do you mean by meatball, a sphere, cube?

Anyway, the basic method is to use existing edge or cut a face along the slice line. Separate slice faces; in edit mode select faces then key “P” >Separate Selection. Now in object mode select the separated object. In Edit mode now, select the edges and face it or hot key “F.”

For meatballs I would use a knife.

Where can I find the knife tool?

Ha Ha, now how was that helpful? (Course it was funny)

Alt-R is your friend. 2.5’s toolset in this arena is still lacking imo. Maybe there is some add-on that makes it easy and better than 2.49, but I haven’t found it (or looked tbh).

But never fear 2.5 is a dreamboat in other areas, and what you are wanting the program to do, you will prolly just have to go at it manually. You want a vertex there? Well then put it there!