How do I cut and sew UVs?

I’ve been trying to learn Blender’s UV tools and all the available tutorials that I’ve found spend a ton of time show you how to mark seams, unwrap and pin uvs, but what about the basics, like cutting and sewing uvs? I can’t find those options anywhere, making fine adjustments difficult.


Sewing is probably best done with W -> Weld, but I wouldn’t know how to cut something - I’ve never had to use it in four years of UV mapping Blender.

Blender’s UV workflow is rather different from the standard old one. You select all the seams on your model and the software unwraps for you. So all the things that cutting and sewing would do are done by creating the seams.

You can still edit the UV map in the UV image editor window. Pretty much as a mesh but in 2D.
There are several specific options for selecting. It is important to know that UV coordinates are stored in the face data. So what is looking like one vertex are in fact some on top of another and one selection mode is to select all UVs for one vertex. You find the options on the spin button with the tooltip “sicky UV selection”. The menu UVs holds a most of editing options. Oh something not in the menu: the hot keys G,R,S work like they go in 3D view. ( Grab ,Rotate, Scale )