How do i deal with lagging(because of rigging) and animation?

My model gets more laggy the more objects I attach to the rig. When I hide the objects the model still lags. how do I animate the main rig but some how temporarily remove the objects? I want to just animate the base body of the character then add the objects when he is ready to animate.

When you hide the object, are you using the eyeball icon to hide, or the other option which disables it from viewport? I’ve noticed hiding objects does nothing to reduce my rig lag, but the disabling from viewport acts as if I removed it entirely.

In addition to what he just said, something I like to do is turn on simplify scene, and set it so the max viewport subdivisions is 1 or 0. Assuming your stuff is subdivided it’s a huge help, you don’t have to go in individually and change the viewport preview amount, you can keep the render set to max so that won’t be affected, but if you want to preview the higher subdivisions in the viewport again, it’s just a single check box.

I believe this is under the same tab where you set the image size and samples. I’m not at home or I’d take a screenshot to show you where it is.

yes this solved it for me.but it would be nice if a feature like hiding meshes and optimizing speed existed for bigger scenes.