How do I deal with loneliness?

A common thing I have to deal with every day is my loneliness and lack of friends. I live with a religious father who can be quite controlling at times, and I there are times I want to get a place of my own, but I don’t have a job, have no money, and no way to drive. I want to start my own life so I can become free, but I can’t. I don’t want to live with my father forever. The only people I like being with are my mother, and a few old people outside the family.

I want to be happy, but I feel like I can’t ever escape from my miserable existence.

This may sound rude… but you told this here already for some and/or multiple times… and there were plenty of tips…

…also the tip that this community may be the wrong counter part to solve this…

You have to do something… nobody else can do this for you.


So it may be so that there will be no more replies about this… if you don’t think about any given advice (there were not much follow ups…)… and do not start using some of them… then how could someone help you except of replying again and again to the same kind of questions ?

There a official social helpers… by the authorities, the church and helplines especially for teenagers…

Every advice given here is just general tip and will never suit your special case.

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you can join my discord and we can be online friends.

I mainly focus on learning animation and now I am learning grease pencil and slowly adapting myself to unreal engine.

My final goal is to make a boomer shooter. Reason why I want to make a boomer shooter is because I am sick of the games around us, I am tired, bored. I am angry. I want to do a game instead of keep complaining about games.

Since I quickly discovered that making a boomer shooter is very complicated, I designed a process that helps me. Basically I need to learn animation, 3D modeling, coding with c++, sound design and music creation, plus I need to refine my 2D drawing skills and practice with level design. Its a giant amount of things to do.

How to make it? I need to do smaller projects that teach me the basics that I need. Each project teaches me new skills. I devised a plan, I have 5 steps to follow and I already completed one of them.

Now I am on step 2, where I learn about animation by creating a small animation project in blender. Meanwhile I prepare for step 3 where I create a mobile game mainly with blueprints.

Step 4 will be a level designed in unreal engine with characters and many other things.

Step 5 will be the final one, and I will create the boomer shooter I always wanted to make.

According to my planning, this game should have all original assets, no daz studio, no character creator no metahuman no crap no bullshit. I want to make it entirely from scratch. Sounds crazy, but I can do it I am sure.

If you want to come in my discord I will send you a link, maybe its a good idea to share some experiences and knowledge.

Oh also, I need to make a blender addon, so in addition to C++ I also learn python once in a while.

I do use Blender when I don’t have school or other things to do. I also like writing, and I like telling stories. I find Blender to be easier to use than game programming software, and I find the tutorials easy to understand.

Thank you for reaching out to me.

By the way, what is a “boomer shooter”?

I would like to join your Discord server.

Boomer shooter is a genre of games that was made many years ago. Its FPS.

But the name of “boomer shooter” was given out of mockery, because it is recognized as a genre for older people.

I am a fan of this genre, or to be precise I really dont care much about it, its just that I dont like the rest of the games around me, because they are all made for consoles.

Luckily, something great happened recently, and we got unreal engine for free. Blender is also free and the latest updates made it extremely powerful.

Another major happening: fortnite became extremely popular, bringing back some of the mechanics of boomer shooters. I can see already the older gamers that created the toxic “gamer community” complaining while instead I am extremely energetic.

Basically we join forces. While you learn blender, I learn other things, we share info and experience. If you want to make a game you can join me, and I am not a great developer but I tend to share everything I learn. Could be profitable for both of us to join and share info.

I agree with this, I’m uncomfortable with the implications of this forum being used as a substitute for psychological advice, therapeutic techniques, and other medical conversations- it opens up a can of worms and creates some awkward potentials for liability. Also, as said, you have quite a lot of advice already on your other threads, I don’t think this warrants a new thread.

If this topic hadn’t already been hashed out on four or five other threads, I would probably leave it open, but as it stands, I’m going to go ahead and close this. @Michael_Joseph - we can’t help you further, you have all the information you need. At this point, it’s up to you and your choices