How do i delete actions???

I try to hit the ‘X’ button to delete the action but it won’t do it. ??? I don’t get it.

Two things to do:

  1. Make sure the “F” isn’t selected for that action (if you apply the action to an object, you can see whether the F is hilighted or not). The “F” stands for a “Fake User” that “holds on” to the action, for future use. Once it’s unselected, nothing holds on to it.
  2. Restart blender, reload the blend. The action will remain in the blend’s “memory” until the blend has been restarted.
    (Sorry for the quotes; I don’t know what the actual terminology for “memory” and “holds on” are…)

EDIT: Another way to remove the “F” is in the outliner, using the “Datablock” listing. Look under Blendfile Data --> Actions --> [Name of action, like “CubeAction”]–>Fake User. (Make sure that is UNchecked)