How do I delete all my materials???


I have been working on a high rez tiger tanks and have managed to assign a materials to all the pieces by accident and it has saved :frowning: Is there any way to get rid of all the materials from my model with out going over he hundreds of parts clicking delete on the material tab :frowning:

The simplest way is to link all the mesh parts to a single material. So select all the mesh parts. Press CTRL-L while you mouse is over the 3D window to bring up the linking menu and choose materials. All the meshes will then have a single shared material. Do a Save\Exit Blender\Re-Open file and you should find that the previous materials are no longer part of your scene (unless you used the Fake-User flag on them).

I think you might of misunderstood I am trying to get the materials off so the meshes have no materials assigned at all.

You could probably do that with a script. But the best you can do with the interface is reduce them to one. There is really no reason to remove the materials. When you render Blender will make a default material anyway so you might as well have control of that default situation by having at least one/same material on all meshes.