How do I delete an action in action editor?

I know this question has been asked before but none of the answers worked for me. I accidentally created a new action called SwordAction001. I disselected the F, clicked the x next to it, saved the file, closed it and re-opened it. But the action is still there. And by the way, there’s also the number ‘2’ displayed next to the name of the action. As you already know, that is the number of users of that particular action. I know I have to unlink the action from the user and turn the 2 into a 0 but I have no idea how.

In NLA editor, when you select the action strip, it should turn yellow. Then hit Delete.

I tried that. But when I hit delete, nothing happens

select the action script (like you already did) then hover over the section on the left select all again and delete

really annoying workflow, hope it gets changed for next version or even patched.

edit: not very good examples but I made two videos for another thread that may help.