How do I delete unused textures


I am having trouble to save my game as a runtime.

It always gives me messages like: unable to pack xxx-texture. But the indicated texture I do not use anymore in my game and I deleted it from my folder.

How can I delete the texture completely from my game?

Thanks for help!

It’s tricky to remove unused data from Blender. You have to make sure that none of the textures containing the image you deleted are being used by any materials. You also have to make sure the “fake user” option is not selected for the texture.
When you’ve removed the texture containing the deleted image from all materials using it, and deselected the “fake user” button, it should now show up with a zero next to it in the dropdown menu. When you see the zero, save your file and reopen it.
This should get rid of the texture. The same thing works with actions and materials.

Shift+click on the X button in the UV window
It will remove it no matter what when you save and re-open the blend.