How Do I?: Destroy particles in a keyed system over time.

I’ve created a test blend to change a sphere into a suzanne.
There are two particle systems on the sphere;

  1. Emit outward without gravity
  2. Explode modifier to carry the surface of the sphere as chunks.

The suzanne also has a static particle system as a destination.

The 2nd system on the sphere is keyed, firstly to the emitter, then the suzanne particle systems.

So far so good… and looks great over 250 frames.

I want the keyed particles (and the bits of geometry they are carrying) to disappear over the last 10 frames or so so I can use a build modifier on the suzanne to make it look like the disappearing stuff is making up the monkey.

I can’t seen to get the keyed particles to end over a period of time like a normal particle system does.

I’ve tried setting the keyed and the suzanne particle lifetimes to 240 with a start/end of 1/5, but they persist beyond this.

Here’s the Blend file.

Any ideas?

Solved it!
I had “Died” checked in the explode modifier so ended particles were still visible.