How Do i Dissect Tool Shelf or Creating your Own Call Menu

hi Again im really interested learning how to dissect so that i can organize my tool shelf is there any video guide or tutorial exist?

since i really dont use most of them because they were already assigned shortcut keys and i trigger them for Call Menu … most of the modeling tools

i want to add and remove some that i dont use for quicker access so ui will be more clean and when finding things it will be fast

Question : is it complicated and one mistake some function will be broken ?

Scenario :
i remove the Add Primitive ( Shapes , Camera Lights and etc ) in tool shelf editor
will it affect other function like Call Menu ? for add primitive?

Question 2 :

if i have Call Menu for example which Is Add Primitive See image top

i want to … add Modifier Example array , bend , mirror and etc… but in nested form like other
and i want to just use the existing Preset of Code " Add " call menu

i really appreciate any help if someone can share template so i will compare some code do copy paste and experiment

or any video tutorial exist that has guide for customization such as call menu and shelf

thank you !

This is a start:

PLyczkowski’s rRMB Menu is a really good addon. I would imagine reverse engineering that will teach you a bunch.
I think pitiwazou also made some menus before he did the Pie Menu collection. You can dig that up as well.

ah yes thank you for this im now watching it

im not really fan of pie menu i get confuse and slow down my workflow
i prefer call menu and this video show how to make it

if i remeber there is a add on that is called dynamic spacebar where ( , search bar , move rotate transform set pivot and a modifier nested and etc… )

i want to edit the preset code and do some experiment but how do i copy the preset code
i just think that is good start from ripping and doing experiment and learning

about tool shelf editor … how to edit it? example removing item or creating your own preset tabs