How do I do a paint peel effect animation?

I want this sunny scene to transition into a messy scene?

(I’m currently making the messy one)

  1. How do I do the paint feeling effect?
  2. How do I make the lights dim in animation?
  3. How do I add animated dust particles that moves around randomly?

What no replies? Either no one knows or are too lazy to share their ideas.

Anyway, this is what I was asking about:

How do I achieve that transition effect with BI?

have a before and after model, then use a ramp (or custom) texture to change the alpha, then animate the ramp You can also probably achieve the same kind of look with texture painting.

Yeah. That effect would be nice on ironman.

Along the line of place57’s suggestion, you can set up a texture layer that is your ‘old’ look, and then animate the value of a stencil layer with size and color of the stencil using a procedural musgrave or other type, possibly use a second texture like dirty vertex paint to keep from affecting all of the surface and keep it toward the edges. I woudl suggest looking at the Animall addon.

It worked good on flat surfaces. I have created that Silent Hill effect! The peeling paint is modeled while the grunging effect is done with texture stencil.