How do I do a paper ball?

How can I make a paper ball for an animation?

Could you be a little more specific? Paper ball is kinda vague especially if you’re talking for animation.

I am only familiar with one kind of paper ball (a piece of paper wadded into a ball?). This is a very simple way. Create a uvsphere, and choose subdivide multi-fractal. (w-3). Then select a random number of faces or group of faces and extrude/scale/rotate them. Then you can touch it up as you like.


Modeling a paper ball

1 - Add an UVsphere with 20 segments and 20 rings. Check out this picture:

2 - With the “Mesh” selected, add a new material (Press F5 and click “Add New” button). Change the RGB values as you can see in the picture below:

3 - Now add a stucci texture (press F6 and click “Add New” button). In texture type select “stucci” and set up “Noise Size” and “Turbulence” values as you can see in the picture below:

4 - Back to Materials options (press F5), and in “map to” set up it as you can see in the picture below:

5 - Now press RENDER button (press F12)

If you find any error ins this tutorial, post here and I’ll edit it. You can find the .blend file here.

very cool readme.txt !
A while back I found a tutorial for making a crumpled paper image in Photoshop, and I made this, you’re free to use it if you like.
I left it as a large targa file so you can reduce it to the quality of your choosing.

The paper is a special “Hazard” blend of fibers you will find quite durable =)