how do I do reflections from a plane without rendering the plane?

Im doing matchmoving, and I wonder how I do reflection on the plane without rendering the plane, just the reflections.

Which render engine are you using?

Must i use a nother renderer?

blender render.

In the layers section of the render panel you can enable a reflections pass and then composite it into your matchmoved scene.

Yeah, look at the RenderLayer compositing-node and the general notion of what a RenderLayer is. The renderer can produce lots of different outputs … not just the “composite” output that you see most-readily on the screen. One of those outputs is … reflection. So, through the use of node-based compositing, you can isolate just that output and do something with it.

There are other ways, e.g. using materials settings, but in general I find myself going back to compositing quite routinely.

Thank you.

This is exactly what I want to know…but then for the Cycles engine. I’ve been trying it for ours…days now…exacly copying the several online tutorials, and I just dont get the result that I want: camera tracking with Cycles. The tutorials that I saw are covering only the shadow-part of objects, and not the reflections of the floor. To get rid of the tracking part and focus on the inetegration of created objects, I took just one frame/image of the movie were I want to place the objects in. The bacground image (my furniture) requires reflections and a bit of shadow too.

Can some one help me?