how do i do this 3ds max function in blender. array help go to 7:10

i keep trying with putting an empty and with array and its not working its making me so mad!!! keep trying different things i read up but cant get it.

please click on video link and see. he arrays it perfectly and i cant seem to do this in blender

The video is 1.5 hours long ! What bit are you talking about so we don’t have to watch the whole thing

oh odd i linked to specific time but i guess it didnt work

7:10, ty


Ensure the objects origin is at the point of rotation and you have applied all scale/rotation

nvm got it to kinda work i think but cant really do it the same was as the video does it. like its not gonna be perfect in the way 3d max does it

well thanks for response.

another edit looks like i caused a whole lot of problems myself because theres a blender tutorial for the same thing… stupid me

Supply your blend file for review

oh ok well its gone now but ill remake it tomorrow if your still up for looking at it… gotta go to bed now. i also ran into problems with the model itself which seemed to function different in blender. like when altering the nubs it was wonky so maybe you might know that too

nvm i got it… thanks for offer anyways to download file

if anyone runs into this problem and googles it well ill explain it for you
pretend this is a 2d view of the cylinder. () delete all pieces of the cylinder until its just one and the bottom piece ( now put 3d cursor onto the bottom piece and then the origin of your cylinder to the 3d cursor. put a single arrow empty onto the same spot of the 3d cursor. now you can array it and it will work.