How do I do this games?

Well, I want to make games using blender (I just know how to use the Modeling).
First I want want to make games using High Definition Graphics, I want to make a game in the same level of a Xbox 360, how do I do this? Can I do this just using Blender or I have to use other programs? Is it too hard?
Then I thinking in 3 kinds of game, the first one is a Shooting game with the same shooting style of Gears of War, how can I do it?
The second kind is a Adventure game like God of War, Ninja Gaiden, Prince of Persia…
And the last one is a MMORPG.
If someone knows how to do it please tell me, or at least give me a name of a book that i can learn how to do it.

if we knew we would be rich.
making the games you named cost a complete team of professional devellopers years to make.
you want a book how to use the Blender Game Engine:

I know its difficult and takes a lot of time, Spore (for example) took 5 years to be made, but I want to do something much more simpler, like just one Stage, something like that, but how I make games with graphics of Xbox 360 games, and how difficult it is? And Adventure I know its possible, but how can I do it? MMORPG and the Gears of War style, is it possible to make, anyone knows how to do it? What kind of programs I need to do this?

A GoW type of game and a MMORPG is theoretically possible in the BGE, but definately not what you want to tackle for a first project, it’ll take tons of skill which is what you don’t have if you’re new.

And before you reply, go read what happened to the 1000 other new members who wanted to make a MMORPG.

So what kind of games are good to begin? And what about the Graphics?

Start off with a simple game like making a square collecting coins and stuff. really simple stuff initially to learn the basics of the blender game engine.
And do lots n lots of tutorials:

I’d also like to recommend focusing on one project and putting your all into that. Trying to tackle multiple high level projects will leave you overwhelmed and will possibly force discouragment. Actually, trying to make one of those projects you listed, will overwhelm you.

I’d also like to refine the point that the games your listing are developed by a team of 50+ professionals who have years of experience in game development. The games they make are top of the line with graphics so don’t expect your game to be donning the same shiny rendering power they do. If your new to game design I’d recommend you start by choosing one project you want to work on and flesh out at least some of the details before even glancing at art creation or a game engine.

Once you have a basic idea of what you want, look into the technology you plan to use. If your heart is set on blender than research info on it’s engine and look at what other people have accomplished. I can point you to other engines that would be better for beginners.

In short, your not going to create a masterpiece until you get experience. It takes years to gain experience. And if your serious about game design (the people who made those games with amazing graphics are serious about game design) then it’s going to require an investment. Yes I said REQUIRE. There’s no free road in game design if you want a high quality product on level you seek. Graphics don’t mean anything if there isn’t a game to back it up.

Now research. I’d start by looking up tutorials on basic game design after you’ve decided what kind of game you want to make. Once you decide that I might be able to help you a little bit more. I’m not much more than a novice myself, but I’ve been doing my homework.

Good Luck.

This will help you answer your own question:

Stickies are a GOOD resource.

3 bad threads in one! =D =D

HD graphics are just a resolution choice. The Blender game engine isn’t the biggest graphical powerhouse but you can get very good looking games running with work. Look up the Bathroom Demo.

To make the games you described takes big teams years of work. You can emulate the game-play style to an extent but It’s very hard to get to the same level of precision.

I recommend you start with simpler games to build up your skills.

-A maze game
-A simple platformer (mario or crash style)
-A game with an inventory and shooting (you could base it off Resi4 for example)

The last one is a bit more advanced. You will need to know mouse look, nice camera control and a little bit of AI but when you strip it down to it’s components it will help with most genres of games. Remember you can cut extra game-play features as you are learning

Thanks Rorkimaru.
And, if isn’t ask much, I have some more questions:
Can I use Joystick in Blender Games?
How I make a Setup?
How I make Save Points?
Fighting games are difficult to make? (I know it uses a lot of animations)

Read this site and read it well, it contains a full logic brick and python function reference as well as tutorials. You’ll probably find a lot of answers for a lot of things there, better than us giving you a complete walkthrough to making your game.

Use the forum’s search option too, there’s 1000’s of answers in this forum.

Hahaha lol this is a joke topic right? I mean “To make Xbox 360 style games with high def graphics just press F2” Try making something like a ps1 style game, not X360.

Blafen, please be a bit more respectful. I don’t think this thread is intended to be a joke.

I do like your suggestion to start with a PS1 quality goal instead of Xbox 360. I’d love to see someone finish a PS1 quality platformer game similar to Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon. Edit: Like this game started to do

Truth be told, I think that the most important thing to learn if you want to make really good looking games with any engine (not just Blender) is “less is more”. Less polygons in your models, less dynamic lighting, less bones in your armatures, smaller textures, less scripting/physics/logic, all lead to faster game performance. Next-gen game makers know how to get the most out of everything that they use, and they know how to use the graphics card to make things look more complex than they really are.

Blafen, it’s not a joke, if it’s possible to make games with a great graphic, why don’t make it? That Demo of The Bathroom has a great Graphic, so it’s possible, then I will try to do something like that. At least I will try to do PS2 graphics.

One thing you have to remember though is that those scenes run reaally slowly, plus there are only a few people on these forums that can actualy make stuff like that, it’s a very complex process =]

If you actualy want a game everyone can play you should go for ps1 =P
Though I haven’t really ever played ps1…

And also it would have took years for the developers to become skilled enough to create SPORE.

I recommend for all beginners to create a game of simple mechanically… Some “Tank War” style. Starting with a very big project can frustrate you if it does not give right.