How Do I Do This?

I’m Following a Tutorial and making the minecraft glowstone light is hard because of the already preset of the shader editor. I’m following a old blender Tutorial. Can anyone solve this. I want the glowstone to light up more.
Link to the Tutorial. Time: 15:45

Instead of puttimg the diffuse texture into the base colour input of the principled shader, move it down to the emission input as that would allow it to emit light.

Not Working Do have to increase somthing?

You shouldn’t need to. Here is my node setup:

Also, the principled shader comes with an Alpha input which means you don’t have to use the mix shader and transparent shader part after to get only the opaque parts. I just plug the alpha straight in, but since it is glowstone and there aren’t see through parts, it isn’t needed.

It’s working but barely producing any lights. The other light is coming from the sun light
Is there a way to increase it?

Yeah, there’s away to do it. plug your texture into an emission shader, make a black and white copy of your texture, and use that as the fac for a mix shader, combiningyour principled BSDF with your emission shader, which you can then more easily adjust the strength of.

Also, you can adjust the stength of the emission slot directly on a principled BSDF.

Click on the emission colour to bring up the colour wheel dialogue. Type a value greater than 1 in the Value slot of the HSVA settings. Done!

Hope this helps you out!

Just realised something else; if you’re looking for some kind of glow effect around it, you need to turn on Bloom in EEVEE, and adjust settings accordingly.

Edited for typos. Again.

Can you show your node setup its confusing

If using an emission shader, swap your principled shader with an emission shader, and plug in the image texture for the glowstone into the colour input. Set the strength to something higher to increase brightness.

You are using Cycles to render which means this should work.