how do i do this?

how do i make those planes face the camera to give the illusion of depth?;6170447;;/


Add an ‘Edit object’ Actuator and set it to “Track To”.
Also, enable 3d tracking, and you will have to rotate plane so that the face points at the camera instead of the edge.

yeah, i thought of that, but it seems like it would kill your framerate? no?

It seems to work with the blend you gave me. However, if you intend on simply parenting the camera to the ball then your vantage point won’t change much and you could leave off the 3d and turn your always sensor’s pulses all the way to 10,000 since it only would need to get the direction once before it is destroyed. That might save cpu and draw time.

Use the “Halo” option in the face settings. Use wireframe to make sure that the planes are facing the right direction. If they are sideways/backwards, rotate them in editmode (not object mode).