How do I do this!?

Hi everyone!

I need to know how to make a blender animation with multiple characters. I’m a noob here and I trying to learn blender so I can do 3D animation. I want to do 3D animation to that I can do animations for my favorite books then post the on Youtube. But I do think I’m going about it very well. I’m trying to kind of learn it as I go. But Blender is so HARD. Every time I figure something else I run smack dab into another problem. I love animating! But I’m terrible at modeling!

So what is the best course of action? Partner with some one else to get me the models then animate them? Any imput would be appreciated because I’m really frustrated over here.



Google is your friend…
Look up some tutorials. You should learn the basics of animation first. Type in Blender animation tutorials

I don’t think it’s Blender that is hard, it just that working and animating in 3D is a very complex matter. Regardless of what software you use.

If you could find someone who would be interested to work with you I think that would be a good way to go. You could learn from each other.

I would say if you are a persevering person, start a project and learn over the march, at the end the proyect would be different in quality but you will learn a lot. :wink:
Or you could do small thing, like the contest here, they really helps to improve, try doing the old ones. Just model a lot and you will improve yourself.

Another option is to download many of the free meshes, rigged models out there and work on those. That’s my approach as I can save plenty of time by using many of the excellents meshes out. I’m quite a noob at rigging to, so I use the basic rigs I set up myself. All the best!