How do i do this?

Hi everyone, i am busy creating a game and what i would like to know is the following:

  1. how do i make a character to drop down and die when its health is being depleted.

note : the problem is not making a health control system, rather is making the character fall down and die.:o

  1. is animating the dropping(dying) action the correct way to approach the trick:confused:

  2. in doing that, i would like not to use python, as i am not quite great with coding complex things.

4.i have tried using states, that triggers an animated falling action. it does it well but the another problem is i also want the character to fade out of the scene and end itself.

as this might be a very long question, i would really appreciate it if you can post or give any information that you think might be relevant to the topic. :cool:

  1. where can i find blender game engine tutorials that make complex things like:

making muzzle flashes.
animating UV maps
making the camera not to go through walls.

note: i am quite an intermediate user of blender in the bge, therefore i would like complex advance tutorials.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for too many questions:)

Use an expression and property of health? So have a property health on your target/character and set it to whatever int value you want. Then have it so on collision, the property decreases, or increases if you got health, based on impact. Then use an expression to trigger when it is below 0, play animation. For you other question, part 4, I am a little unclear what you want to do. End the scene (the game essentially) or just the character model. To do ether, just use an Acuator Sensor, and set the action to the die animation, so that when it stops playing it activates that sensor, and ends whatever you wanted to end. A picture of the setup I am talking about:

The expression controller if you are not aware is like the if statement in python. It basically says:

“if sensor.positive and health <= 0:
do stuff”

You might have to alter those settings a bit to get it exactly how you want it, but that should do it for you aprox. Of course, without Python to make the character fade out you may need to use a second actionAcuator.

Great muzzle flash tut by Andrew Price:
How to use AnimAll to animate UV textures (I recommend looking up how to use AnimAll for it’s other cool features)

Camera not going into wall: - It uses python, but he walks you through it. I think you can also change the clipping distance in the camera properties to resolve it as well.

You should Youtube ALOT more. All of your questions other people have, and have asked and solved in the form of tutorials on youtube, BA, and google. The internet is the most powerful tool for learning new things in blender. I would also recommend learning Python, at least basic Python, as it can help you make clean and optimized logic. The best logic uses a smart combo of python and logic. If you need clarification on any of the answers to your Qs, lemme know.


Thanks for the information and i would take that as an advice. Ow…and i tried the setup and it worked!!