How do I edit my signature in the new site?

Hello, I have tried everything but can not find how to update my signature,
can anyone help ? Thanks in advance!

Pardon, what do you mean by Signature? I dont think we have such a thing here.

Well, the previous site version had one.
I mean the text that is included in every message, at the bottom.

I cannot see such text, is it visible to you? In which case i might have to enable something.

Nope, it seems nobody has a signature anymore. My fault, sorry.

All good! A signature might be a bit messy, and unneeded. So i dont think its something we need. Feel free to suggest it if you disagree! Have a nice day!

Correct - Discourse does not support signatures. You can leave a bio on your user profile page and user card (click on my avatar to see it).

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The thing is that I have developed a game (Isometric Tanks) that is fully open source code and available here in the site,. and I would like to “advertise” it so that people can benefit from it. Currently it is “buried” down somewhere in the finished projects sections. Other people have contributed frequently useful bits of code and used to have them in their signature, etc. So it is not exactly useless. I should go to the site suggestions to suggest it comes back (if the engine supports it). Thanks for your replies.

Perhaps, but at the same time signatures add visual ‘noise’ that is unrelated to the conversation at hand, which is why Discourse does not support them.

And again, please just add this information to your user profile so that when people click on your avatar they’ll see it. Click on mine and compare it to how it looks to yours. I recommend uploading an a avatar image as well because your standard avatar makes you look like a new user.

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That’s nice, will do, thanks.

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